The APTIC on Social Networks

web 2.0Social networks are currently expanding fast. More and more people, businesses and organisations are deciding they need a presence on these networks, and here at the APTIC we also think it’s important for us to be there. Our aim is for our presence on social networks to publicise the association’s activities on a wider scale: our courses and talks, photos of the events we organise or in which we take part and news items of interest to translators and interpreters.

This is why a few months ago we set up a group in LinkedIn, a professional network, for our members only. In Facebook, a network with members all over the world, we’ve created a page which is open to everybody interested in the APTIC, whether they are members or not. Finally, we are now also present on Twitter, where everybody can keep up with us.

While the website and the members-only mailing list are the main way we publicise the APTIC’s activities, we invite you to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, too. We’re sure that your contributions will raise the association’s profile.