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Xerrades d’Attila Piróth: Aligners and Excel & Business risk mitigation

02/06/2017 | 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Xerrades d’Attila Piróth: Aligners and Excel & Business risk mitigation


El programa de mentoria que organitza la Comissió d’Universitats de l’APTIC oferirà als estudiants els webinaris Two underappreciated tools for freelance translators: aligners and Excel i Business risk mitigation, conduïts per l’Attila Piróth.

Atès que per part dels socis hi ha una creixent demanda de cursos en línia i emissions en streaming, la Comissió d’Universitats ha decidit obrir en exclusiva i de forma gratuïta a tots els socis de l’APTIC aquestes xerrades de mentoria. Si voleu connectar-vos als webinaris, inscriviu-vos-hi! Teniu temps fins al dijous 1 de juny.


Two underappreciated tools for freelance translators: aligners and Excel

When technology takes the upper hand and tool choices are forced on freelance translators, their professional autonomy may become severely compromised.  And the combination of a low level professional autonomy with a high level economic autonomy is known to lead to a precarious status.

By knowing and choosing their tools, freelance translators can stay in the driver’s seat. Therefore this webinar aims to explore how to readily available but underappreciated tools, MS Excel and a free alignment tool, can help freelance translators – in well-defined settings.

Free and open-source LF Aligner can give you easy access to millions of sentences of European legislation – and much more. A 15-minute demonstration is likely to convince you of how this can accelerate your search of specialized regulatory terms.

This largest part of the webinar deals with MS Excel’s selected functions that are particularly useful for translators. A careful selection of mathematical, logic, text and search functions as well as alphabetic ordering and other functions are presented with the aim to show that Excel offers diverse features that can help freelance translators’ and project managers’ work.


Business risk mitigation

Freelancer translators working with international clients assume a potentially high business risk – as our colleagues working with Pearl Linguistics have bitterly learned recently. To ensure one’s peace of mind, knowing the available resources and best practices to mitigate business risk is therefore a must.

In this webinar, we discuss how to identify and evaluate business risks, including verifying your client’s identity and creditworthiness, how to react to late payment or non-payment, how to avoid common frauds, what resources are available to freelancers and what steps you can take to help protect your colleagues.


Attila Piroth

Attila Piróth, Einstein’s Hungarian translator, holds a PhD in theoretical particle physics and an MSc in scientific translation. He has worked as a freelance translator for 15 years. To date, he has mentored 16 early-career translators in the framework o Solidarités International’s paid translation internship. He has given conference talks and workshops in 16 countries, and was the main organizer of an international conference in Bordeaux in 2015.


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Divendres 2 de juny de 2017


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4:00 pm - 7:30 pm