Albert Nolla, who has translated the work of the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami into Catalan, talks in this interview about the vital role of translation in the success of a literary work and some of the peculiarities of being a literary translator.

Languages are alive, which is why they also die. We recommend this interesting National Geographic report in which you will find an interactive map to find out about languages that are now close to extinction.

This article presents a very interesting report on the real and potential changes electronic books have brought to the world of translation: intellectual property, interaction with readers and book promotion using social networks, etc. Don’t miss it!

Word of mouth, keeping in contact with customers or promoting yourself are just some of the sets of tips you will find in this fantastic article on how to get more work and new customers. One of the tips? Practise your elevator speech. At APTIC we’ve organised a course on it for 25 March!

In this blog in French, the author answers questions such as: why go self-employed? Do I need to buy a Trados licence if I’ve just started? Some of the queries we translators have when we start. If that’s your position, you will also find this APTIC guide of interest and we also recommend the talk we’re holding in May: Practical advice for the employment world.